Operngasse 7, A-1010 Wien
opened daily 8 a.m. - 11 p.m.

Warm Viennese Desserts

Our recipe for quiet bliss.

It is often the trivial things in life that gives you immense pleasure. Fresh from our own patisserie. For example, oven-warm Viennese apple- or quark strudel with vanilla sauce. Or Kaiserschmarren (cut-up and sugared pancakes) with or without raisins, apricot pancakes or fluffy quark dumplings. A cup of coffee to go with that. A trip to our Viennese pastry heaven. See, taste and smell the pleasure at Café Museum Vienna. And the normal everyday life is then suddenly, like one says in Vienna, ‘Powidl`, thus never mind.

Warm Viennese Desserts

Warm apple strudel A | C | G
served with vanilla sauce € 700
with whipped cream   € 600

Warm curd cheese strudel A | C | G
€ 700
served with vanilla sauce

Sliced pancake - “Kaiserschmarrn” A | C | G
€ 1000
with or without raisins . apple puree . plum compote

Curd cheese dumplings A | C | G | H
€ 800
berry ragout

Pancakes A | C | G | O
€ 600
2 pieces . apricot jam or chocolate sauce

Chocolate Almond Soufflé C | F | G | H
€ 800
served with warm chocolate sauce and whipped cream
A gluten-containing cereals,
B crustaceans,
C egg ,
D fish,
E peanut,
F soya,
G milk or lactose,
H nuts,
L celery,
M mustard,
N sesame ,
O sulphite,
P lupines,
R molluscs