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21. March 2024  |   15:00:00

Thomas Sautner


Thomas Sautner reads from "Nur zwei alte Männer" as part of the Austrian Reading Aloud Day.
It is about growing old and being old, about eternal childhood and the absurdly beautiful meaning of life.

Thomas Sautner
was born in Gmünd in 1970 and now lives as an author in his home region, the northern Waldviertel, and in Vienna. In addition to numerous essays and stories, his novels "Fuchserde", "Milchblume", "Die Älteste", "Das Mädchen an der Grenze", "Großmutters Haus", "Die Erfindung der Welt" (2021) and most recently "Nur zwei alte Männer" (2023) were published by Picus Verlag.

Nur zwei alte Männer
Former star photographer Joseph Wasserstein and dancer Hakim Elvedin live garden to garden on the outskirts of Vienna. One day, they receive a visit from Julia, who has learnt that Joseph Wasserstein could be her biological father. Under the pretence of working on a publication about the photographer, she spends a summer with the quirky old men, who slowly become her family.

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