Operngasse 7, 1010 Wien
Mon - Sun 8 a.m. - 9 p.m.
The Café Museum.
Imaginative. Since 1899.
The Café Museum.
at Café Museum
Always an experience in itself.

A very warm welcome to the Café Museum

The "brilliant" coffee house at Karlsplatz.

Immediately after its establishment in 1899, the Café Museum became the Viennese artistic meeting place with cult status. Geniuses such as Gustav Klimt, Peter Altenberg and Adolf Loos were already patrons. A place of inspiration, a coffee house with style. The proximity of the opera house, the Secession Building, the Musikverein (concert hall), the Vienna Museum, the Kunsthalle (contemporary art exhibition hall) and the Naschmarkt also lead people to our coffee house, which is part of the cultural life of the city of Vienna. They love the simple elegance and cozy atmosphere of the Café Museum. They also appreciate the pleasant manners of our status-conscious waiting staff. Here you will forget about all other places. You can also experience what has always characterized a "typical Viennese coffee house". The feeling of security and eternal time. Be a regular, read the newspaper in peace, or simply be alone with your thoughts while the "Herr Ober" serves your favourite coffee. Our Café Museum is also a comfortable place for good conversation and socializing. In addition to coffee specialities, pastries and Viennese cuisine, we also offer spiritual "food" in our Café in the form of "Literature in the Museum" readings. With us all the beautiful sides of life have their space. Welcome to Vienna, Welcome to Café Museum!


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