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Reinhardt Badegruber


Reinhardt Badegruber
Reinhardt Badegruber was born in Upper Austria in 1953 and went to school in Carinthia. He studied communication sciences and Slavic studies in Vienna and Warsaw and then worked as an editor and director at ORF for 39 years, among other things as a member of the TV parliamentary editorial staff and head of Radio Wien's "Rasenden Reporter". He also hosted radio shows such as "Sprechen Sie Wienerisch?", "Schätzen Sie Wien?" and the "Grätzelquiz". Badegruber has published 10 Viennese crime stories and novels.

Wiener Anwaltsterben
Group inspector Frank Karl is ordered to a crime scene in downtown Vienna. However, the Kieberer is unexpectedly taken off the case because his superior is tormented by other worries: his daughter, encouraged by her high school teacher, is reading obscene texts that quickly turn out to be quotations from world literature. Frank Karl goes round the homes of the outraged parents. In the process, he not only encounters unique specimens of Viennese society, but also stumbles into the teacher's bed - and over the corpse of a prominent lawyer.


(C) Photo: Stefan Badegruber

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