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Egyd Gstättner


Egyd Gstättner
Egyd Gstättner, born in 1962, lives as a freelance author in his hometown of Klagenfurt. Numerous prizes and awards. Among others, he has published "Karl Kraus learns stupid German", "Wiener Fenstersturz", "Die Familie des Teufels. Alone Against Literary History," "My Life as a Court Jester. It's damn hard being Egyd Gstättner" (2019), "Klagenfurt. What the Tourist Should See" (2020), and his novel about Leopold Sacher-Masoch, "Leopold der Letzte" (2021).

I am emperor
What if Austria had an emperor again? And what if he were an impotent Maronibrater from Klagenfurt? Then one would probably have to determine the heir to the throne via casting show. Egyd Gstättner's sharp pen is at work again. In his satirical stories, he spans the spectrum from Sigmund Freud's incognito vacations on Lake Wörthersee, Thomas Bernhard's wing chair, Wittgenstein's great-great-grandson to the Song Contest. Clever, witty and revealing.


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