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Elisabeth Klar


Elisabeth Klar
Born in Vienna in 1986. Studied Comparative Literature and Transcultural Communication. Elisabeth Klar has received numerous prizes, including the text "An den vielen Ecken" in the final of the FM4 competition Wortlaut (2013). The acclaimed debut "Wie im Wald" received the City of Vienna's Förderpreis and was shortlisted for the Rauriser Literaturpreis 2015. The novel "Wasser atmen" was published in 2017 and "Himmelwärts" in 2020.

Es gibt uns
In Anemos, a post-apocalyptic irradiated city, a community of hybrid beings and mutants has formed. To survive together, they all need the luminescent jellyfish Oberon, which provides the city's water supply. What, asks Elisabeth Klar, comes after the Anthropocene? What laws can a society make for itself in order not only to survive under adverse circumstances, but also to want to live?


Foto: © Werner Robitza

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