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19. September 2023  |   18:00:00

Ana Marwan


Ana Marwan
Born in 1980 in Murska Sobota (Slovenia), grew up in Ljubljana. Studied Comparative Literature in Ljubljana and Romance Studies in Vienna. She lives as a freelance author in Vienna and writes short stories, novels and poems in German and Slovenian. Co-publisher and editor-in-chief of the literary magazine "Literatur und Kritik". Exile Literature Prize 2008, Ingeborg Bachmann Prize 2022.


Rita cannot find her way in the world. She constantly practices frugality and comes to the realisation that dreams or things that are lost can be replaced by others. She sees life as a series of games; depending on the situation, this or that version of herself is put on display. To tame the chaos of her world, she writes stories and shapes truths.

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